Anniversary / Wedding Time!

The invitations are out (and yes, we forgot to put our names on them, so we’re hoping the recipients will recognize us), we’re cleaning up the place to prepare for the big party, suits and dresses have been purchased, shoes are being shined.  In less than a month, we’ll be hosting a big 20th Anniversary party with a wedding on the side.

If you have landed here because you got an invitation from us and have questions, please email to the address on the invitation.  Also, don’t forget to RSVP!!

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bun is 2.5!

bun’s latest thing, saying, “cold me,” then stripping off her clothes and laying down on blanket she’s spread on floor. she’s really getting into posing for pics, so i got several awesome facial expressions and you can really start to see what she’ll look like as a little girl (especially the bottom right pic).

she’s talking more and more and continues using sign to help us understand when her verbal isn’t clear.  virginia started full-time preschool at heidi’s house at the beginning of january and she’s loving it.  last night she was telling us about her “friends” who are “boys” (using words and signs) and then, the new thing, telling us their names, which was very cool.  it seems like she has a new language/verbal/cognitive thing happening at least once a week and we love it when we notice it.

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Junior Cowgirl

Hazel trying her hand at roping a “steer” at Thurston County Birthday Celebration


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On our way…

I imported posts from the old site yesterday, but, as you can see, the pictures didn’t come over.  Never fear, we’ll get them back.

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Hello from the Amorsley Family

We’re in the process of moving our blog over to the WordPress blog engine and Dreamhost hosting.  We hope to bring the old content over and add new content soon..

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Virginia has started solids

Last week, we started Virginia on solids, with a taste of applesauce. We moved onto carrots, which she loved, then a bit of banana for lunch, and the next night, sweet potato. We are going to try to skip the jarred stuff entirely and just feed her pureed versions of what we eat. Well, except for the cooked carrots, which you all know I don’t eat! That will be specially made just for her, since she seems to like them the best!

*we’re using the swing as a highchair until she starts finger foods.

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The very first time I put Virginia in the swing in an effort to soothe her and she completely passes out! We found out a few days later why the crankers…. a new tooth!

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Virginia and the book

Virginia got a book that is essentially fabric pages filled with crinkly stuff from our friend Dana and she really likes it. Lately, she’s been doing this thing with it (and some of her other toys), where she lifts it up and brings it back down really quickly, essentially slamming it into herself. It’s quite amusing.

virginia and the book, 01/16/10 from wendy morissette on Vimeo.

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Growling Virginia

Virginia just started making a growling noise that is really strange. She doesn’t do it because she’s mad, she’s just playing around with making different sounds. She’s also started making a funny smushy face along with huffy sounds. I caught both on tape while she was playing in her excersaucer (aka neglectotron).

growling virginia, 1/14/10 from wendy morissette on Vimeo.

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giggling sisters, 1/10/10

here’s a lil’ video of the girls crackin’ each other up:

giggling sisters 1/10/10 from wendy morissette on Vimeo.

I’m woefully behind on updates.. i have pics from thanksgiving and christmas to share, plus hazel’s 10th birthday (when did she get to be 10?!?). Hopefully, i’ll get them up before miss v’s 6 month update, which will NOT be a month late, i promise!

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