Formatting problems

We want to acknowledge that some of you might not be getting the most nicely formatted page when you come to There are some problems with the pictures being too large, the columns wrapping strangely and stuff like that. These are issues related to individual screen resolution, browser type and browser viewable size (whether it’s maximized or not).

We are looking into all of this, hoping to come up with solutions that will benefit the largest number of people. In the interim, here are some tips:

  1. In general, all sites in the domain will look better with your browser maximized.
  2. The site looks best in Mozilla, a free browser based on Netscape (but better). Version 1.2.1 of Mozilla can be downloaded from here — scroll down to find the download of choice based on your operating system.
  3. With the current site formatting, if you want to use IE and don’t want to maximize your window, try viewing with a smaller font size. You can change font size through the View-Font menu in Internet Explorer. (That font changing tip applies to Mozilla and Netscape as well.)
  4. The site is viewable through Netscape 6.2, and possibly earlier versions as well, however we know that version 4.0 will choke and die if you try to view the site through it.
  5. Because Mozilla and Netscape are so closely related, DO NOT install
    them both on one computer. They will not play nicely – kinda like siblings.

As I said, we’re working on solutions that will present the site favorably on multiple browsers with a minimum of fussing on your part. We want to hear from you if you find specific problems. You can email us at, or post a comment to this update.

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