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Hello and happy new year from the Amorsley house. Like the rest of you, we were very busy during the holiday season. It seemed Camey barely got back from Australia and then it was Thanksgiving. We had a lovely dinner with friends and family and then it was time to prepare for Christmas and New Years. We found a lovely noble fir at a local u-cut tree farm and then the fun began.

Wendy worked her magic, getting about 500 lights meticulously woven throughout. Zelly did a wonderful job of decorating this year, we gave her a pile of ‘safe’ ornaments and the bottom third of the tree. Zelly decorates using the ‘clustering’ method, creating the greatest possible impact by putting no less than 5 ornaments on each branch. I’m sure Martha will be catching up with Hazel’s sense of style next year, so look for it on her holiday 2003 shows.
We traveled to Richland for Christmas itself, staying with Wendy’s sister Dawn, and our nephew, Cole. Cole and Zelly are great playmates and kept each other entertained for almost the whole visit (much to their mother’s relief). See the January 14th post on the ZellyZone for a picture of those two cutie pies on Christmas day. Zelly’s outfit is courtesy of Auntie Dawn, who loves to shop for little girls – and we’re glad she does, because her selections are always excellent.
Christmas was barely over and New Year’s was upon us. We had a small group of friends over for our traditional New Year’s Eve game night. We had some mixed drinks, some Cranium and an amazing amount of spontaneous silliness. Exactly what New Year’s Eve should be about. The next morning we gathered for our traditional New Year’s Day brunch of home-made eggs benedict by Jeanne (yummy as usual). Camey brought butterhorns (part of her family’s holiday tradition). We ate, talked, drank coffee and juice and got very, very full. It’s not surprising that the next thing our trio did was nap… for a long time.
And now it’s 2003. Time to make plans for the new year. Projects that have spent a lot of time on the “to do” list are finally getting some attention (hobby room downstairs, office upstairs). It won’t be long before Camey’s out in the garden and on the soccer field again. Wendy and Zelly have started a new round of swimming lessons (zelly is the biggest jumper in the class – more on that in a later update). The kittens are growing, especially Maisy. He’s still a lot larger than his sister, Libby. They both have a lot of energy, which is entertaining as long as they aren’t using that energy for destruction (which is what they’re doing most of the time).
This website project has been a twinkle in our eyes for months now, but once we got started, it was completed rather quickly. All the pictures that were on the old site have been uploaded here. I also posted all the email updates sent out since Zelly’s birth. To find older pictures and stories, click into the archive area to the right. The archives are organized by month. Once in the archives, you can use the navigational links at the top of the page to go forward or back in the Archives, or back to the main page.
A brand new feature of this website is the ability to do a text search. Go ahead, put in a word to search on, click the button and see what happens. It’s a great way to find pictures or stories if you’ve forgotten when they were originally posted.
Also new for most of you is the ability to post comments. At the bottom of each story are some clickable links. The first is the time link, which takes you into the archives. The second is the category link, which takes you into a list of posts within that category (most of the posts for this site are in the Photos category).
The last link is comments. You can click that link and bring up a dialog that allows you to enter comments for all to see. Make sure you put a name and email or your comment won’t be saved – we don’t allow anonymous comments. Oh, and you can use a ‘screen’ name if you’d like.
We hope you enjoy the new site. The format allows us to post more easily, so we’ll probably do it more often. Check the site every few days (they said optimistically) and keep up on the latest happenings. If you have any questions about the site, please email us and we’ll help you find your way around.

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