Wndl Rocks!

also known as the Walkway Project.

Wndl and I decided to replace the walkway between our driveway and back steps this summer. The project started in July, with preparation of the walkway bed, which meant digging up the grass.
This was taken after I removed all the sod, over the course of several hot days. I put the existing stepping stones back, along with a layer of wood chips to help keep the area from becoming a mud pit.
Here’s one of two rock loads we brought in. The day we went to the rock yard, Zelly was off with the grandparentals so we could take our time. We had fun, which is kind of a silly thing to admit about choosing a bunch of rocks, but it’s true.
This is our first draft at arranging the rocks, which is pretty close to the final placement.
finishing 8-16-03.JPG
Here wndl finishes up by putting mulch between the flagstones.
Here it is in all its glory. It’ll look even better next year, after we’ve planted some low growing thyme amongst the rocks and when the grass is green instead of that sad yellow-brown hue.

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