Thanksgiving in New Mexico Bad Carls

aka Carlsbad, New Mexico. The title is how Zelly refers to it at times.

We spent a week visiting Dennis and Ann, who rolled out the red carpet for our visit. First there was the incredible feast on Thanksgiving where Ann’s cooking stuffed us to overflowing. Then a daytrip to Roswell included visits to the UFO Museum, the Harley-Davidson shop and Roswell Livestock and Supply, and we ended the day with a mexican meal in Artesia. We had a chance to see all around town, including the view from the Lookout and visiting the Living Zoo, where we were all shocked and delighted to have a cougar purr for us. We also got to experience Christmas on the Pecos with a boat ride on the river showing all the elaborately decorated riverfront homes, with a surprise fireworks show capping off the evening (along with Ann’s awesome homemade hot chocolate!).

Of course we couldn’t miss Carlsbad Caverns! Ann bravely made the trip down into the ground (for probably the 100th time!) where Camey, Zelly and I ooh’d and ahh’d for an hour and a half. The pics didn’t turn out very well, but that’s why we buy the professional postcards. Ann also took me and Camey on a tour of the WIPP site, which was very cool… unfortunately we didn’t get to go underground there!

On our last full day we all got to take rides on the Harley. Zelly got the beginner ride (just up and down the street and around the block), Camey got the intermediate ride (down to the park and a bit around town) and my dad decided to take me out on the advanced ride (70+mph on the highway). It was great fun for all of us!

This trip was all about relaxing, which we did a lot of… and eating, which we also got to do a lot of. The tourist stuff was fun, but the family time hanging out was really what made it such a great trip.

family at alien museum.jpg
Here we are at the UFO Museum in Carlsbad, check out the rest of the photos in the gallery.

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