Jordan, May 1991 – July 2006

Jordan Wendy.jpg
Jordan and Wendy on his last day. We had to make the very difficult decision to put him down due to his cancer spreading and inhibiting his ability to eat. It was a very rough week leading up to this day.
Jordan Wendy2.jpg
See extended entry for more pictures of Jordan’s last days with us.

Every night Jordan joined Camey on her recliner:
Jordan Camey.jpg

Jordan in the yard with Zelly and Camey:
Zelly Camey Jordan.jpg

Jordan cruising the backyard:
Jordan Backyard.jpg Jordan in one of his favorite spots:
Jordan couch.jpg

Harlow and Jordan… they’ve been together since they were 8 weeks old:
Harlow Jordan.jpg

Another one with the old couple:
Harlow Jordan2.jpg

Harlow is missing Jordan a lot. She cries and cries in the most sorrowful way. We got Libby several years ago in an attempt to counteract this kind of loneliness when one of the elders passed, but she’s not spending much time with Harlow so we may have to get a kitten to keep her company.

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