Meet the new member of our family

It’s been two months since our old man kitty Jordan was laid to rest in our pet cemetary. Our old lady cat Harlow has been mournful and lonely because Libby, our younger cat, hasn’t been doing her job of cuddling and comforting. We were planning to get another boy kitty at some point but Harlow’s mournful cries motivated us to speed up our timeline. Friday we called our fabulous vet’s office to see if they had any boy kitties we could consider. The response was, “Come pick him up.” The him in question is a 7-8 week old orange and white cutie pie with distinctive markings on his body. And it seems he was born very close to the time Jordan died.
Before we came up with his name we called him various things: Stinky, Booger, Little Guy. We considered names like Tornado, Hurricane, Cyclone, and Twister, all inspired by his swirls, but none of us are happy with those. We looked at male hurricane names, but weren’t inspired. I came up with Gary, as in the Snail who sounds like a cat on Sponge Bob — and the swirls. That name has been nixed by Hazel, for some reason. Hazel really favored ‘Walter’ — Hazel loves the Walter the Farting Dog series and Little Guy *is* kinda stinky.
So, let us introduce you to Walter, who has a number of nicknames already: Stinky, Booger and Mouse.

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