Ultrasound – halfway there

Here’s the ultrasound from the end of week 20:
week 20 side view.bmp
We didn’t find out the sex, as we prefer to be surprised at birth. Everything is it should be, including the weight, but we all know that even if they think it’s running normal (7.5-8 lbs at birth), I could still pop out a 10 pounder!
The ultrasound tech had fun with us. At one point, she caught the baby yawning, snapped a pic, then snapped another afterwards. From these two pics, she created a little stop action thing: mouth open, mouth closed, open, closed, etc., it looked like the baby was talking. We all had a good giggle with that.
Here’s a picture showing the face, with the body on the lower right:
week 20 face.bmp
This was the hardest picture to get, as the baby’s arms were moving around the whole time. Camey had a good laugh, commenting that baby was just like mama, “talking with their hands!” You can see the movement in the top picture, the baby’s left hand, up by the head, is a blur of movement.
We also found out that the placenta is on top of the baby, which is why it looks like I’m carrying so high and explains why I haven’t felt hardly any movement. The placenta is absorbing it all. At this point, there’s a bit of floating space in there, but as the space goes away, I’m sure to feel lots more movement.

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