29 weeks and growing, growing, growing

wk29 2.jpg
I’ve reached the third trimester and now seemingly have gestational diabetes. :-/ Interestingly, the recommended diet has more carbs than i’m actually consuming, so we’ll see how the numbers come out as I’m doing home monitoring with my sylin’ glucose monitor.
wk29 bare front.jpg
Woah, seriously pale belly.. hope i’m not scaring y’all.
wk29 bare side.jpg
more paleness. if the sun ever comes out in olympia and the temps get over 70, i might actually be able to get some color on this beast!
wk29 hands.jpg
Overall, I’m feeling really good. I’m now feeling the kicking, squirming, rolling on a more consistent basis and both camey and zel have been able to feel it too.

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