36 weeks and guess what.. the baby is big!

Had an ultrasound a week ago, on june 29th, near the end of my 36th week. We got the results today and the baby was estimated to be about 7 lbs, 10 oz at that time. With average weight gain of 1 oz per day at this point in a pregnancy, we’re looking at 9 lbs, 1 oz on my due date. Which, as we know, is normal for babies in my family.
My glucose levels are in the “B+” range (if we were grading them). My doc would like to see them in the “A” range, but she’s not overly concerned as long as they don’t go into the “C” range. Some minor tweaking of my diet should handle this.
Here’s baby’s face… looking rather spooky! The baby has stayed in head down position, which is good. All the kicking is still over on my right side, but occasionally baby rolls about and requires that i immediately head to the bathroom! Camey and Hazel have enjoyed watching the baby move my belly around. It can be quite a show! Also, no stretchmarks (so far)! I’ll try to get up some new pics this week.
wk36 face.jpg

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