Virginia is one month old

Virginia has gained an impressive 3 lbs and is now 11 lbs! She’s incredibly strong, holding her head up and pushing/standing with her legs. As you can tell by the weight gain, nursing is going very well. We’re not on a schedule, but there is definitely a rhythm to our days (and nights). The good thing about her growth is that her tummy is also growing, meaning she can eat more at one time and sleep longer! I’m looking forward to more than 3 hrs at a time on a consistent basis.
In other news, the basement window project is finally scheduled for next week, just as zel is heading back to school. At this rate, she’ll have her new room ready to move into around christmas! Hopefully, that’s a joke and it’s ready long before that. After Hazel’s moved downstairs, we’ll be able to set up Virginia’s nursery and move all her stuff out of the living room.
Okay, enough chatter, now for the pictures!
miss v 1mo.jpg
“yay, i’m one month old!”
Camey notes: Looks like she’s carrying on, telling a story.. just like her mama 🙂
wen vi 1mo funny face.jpg
“ummm… what’s going on here”
wen vi 1mo kissy ear.jpg
wen vi 1mo standing.jpg
standing up!
wndl vi 1mo from above.jpg
“i like looking at the sky”

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