Harlow, May 1991 – November 2009

This morning the time had come for our grand ol’ dame, our one-eyed wonder. She had been getting more and more senile over the last year and her hips were all kinds of wobbly and her kidneys were starting to go. It was a very difficult decision, as she was still very alert and seemingly happy. She spent most of her days curling up with Libby (with lots of ‘spa time’) and purring whenever anyone in the house got near her. Her wobbliness was at times funny, at times distressing, and sometimes not present at all… her leaps from couch to ottoman continually amazed us.

She will be dearly missed… she’s the last of an era. I got her and Jordan within a two-week period when they were around 8 weeks old, way back in 1991. With her passing, I no longer have a cat who’s “mine.” Libby isn’t really attached to any single one of us and Walter is definitely Hazel’s cat.

We’ll be burying the old girl in our designated pet cemetery in our backyard, right next to her best-buddy-in-life, Jordan.

Here are a few shots from her last day.

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